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News of PEG, the much-loved red tractor, from the McDowall Family
13 March 2021
It will, no doubt, interest Old Scholars to read the following news which I received from the McDowall family!

"We were at the Friends’ School collectively as brothers John (YG 2003), Joshua (YG 2004) and Jacob McDowall (YG 2009) from 1996/2009.

We loved it there. The building and the people were fantastic! A really special place. We were deeply saddened when the school closed down after all those years of service.

As vintage machinery enthusiasts we always remembered the old red tractor that used to drive past the windows during lessons, collecting recycling and, of course, doing an ace job of cutting the sports field driven by Rob And Matt, the groundsmen. I’m sure when people read this the memories will indeed come flooding back too!

Maybe someone will also own up to who stuck their chewing gum to the bonnet!?

It still remains there to this day.

We hunted the tractor down and purchased it at an online auction in Yorkshire without even seeing it. We had it shipped down back home to Essex.

We have given it a good service and a full coolant rebuild including radiator and water pump. All skills sparked off by my (John's) love of attending the schools motor club. Thanks Martin Hugall!

It starts, runs and drives beautifully now and we are proud to own it. We hope to bring it to a school reunion some day and let others see it.

It’s such a shame the school is no more, however, not all is lost.

We only have one old photo of the tractor at the school and we would kindly ask if anyone reading this could raid their photo albums and see if they have any of ‘PEG’ for history's sake?

Contact details; 07745 847 375

Thanks for reading,
The McDowall Family."

Image include:
Black & White photo: Hilary Lester (YG 2009) and Olivia Jarman (YG 2009) in the cab of PEG circa 2008/09 outside the back of the school near the Avenue. The only photograph they have of PEG at the school.
Red photo: Authentic FSSW chewing gum still remains on the bonnet from a student... or member of staff!
Photo around car: Motorclub circa 2000. Martin Hugall (Staff 1972-2009); John McDowall (YG 2003); Benjamin Ball (YG 2003); Leo Capella (YG 2005); Ivan Moy; Aaron Meyland (YG 2004); George Schooling (YG 2004); Aaron Titmus (YG 2003)

Photo of John McDowall and PEG
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