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Fulvio Cassuto (YG 1948)
18 February 2022
As was reported in the last newsletter, Old Scholars will be saddened to hear of the death of Fulvio Cassuot (YG 1948). Fulvio Cassuto passed away in South Africa on 29 November 2021 at the age of 91. Fulvio was at the school from 1942-48.

His wife, Roslyn, wrote to the Old Scholars: “Fulvio and I were together for the last 26 years of his life. He was a kind, generous and loving man. He always spoke fondly of his years at Saffron Walden and particularly his best friend from school days Donn (YG 1949) and Pat Webb (YG 1954), also John Plank (YG 1946) and many others.”

Fulvio wrote an article in "The School on the Hill", the full version of which can be found here. He wrote: “I arrived in England in September 1939 from Trieste in Italy together with my mother, one brother and sister. My father was already in London working for the Italian service of the BBC. He had to leave Italy in a hurry because he was of Jewish extraction and an anti-fascist journalist. I could not speak a word of English. In 1941, at the time of the heavy bombing of London, my parents wanted to put me in a school outside the danger area and the Friends’ School in Saffron Walden was chosen because a colleague of my father had his son, Anthony Marus (YG 1944), already there. Another colleague was prepared to put his son, John Plank, in the same school. And so the two of us went there to join Marus. We were all Catholic and, as Italians, we were considered by many as foreigners from a country that was a fascist regime. We managed to survive the initial ‘rejection’ and were eventually accepted as loyal brothers and supporters to the allied cause. We were not brilliant scholars but we all became popular, particularly in sporting activities. Marus was a good swimmer and John Plank and myself were in the first team for both cricket and soccer.”

1. Fulvio at 90
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